Flynova Flying Spinner Toy, IIDA Hand Operated Drone for Kids Adults Mini Helicopter UFO Boomerang Aircraft De-Stress Interactive Toys with led Light Indoor/Outdoor for Girl boy

Price: $24.99

(as of Mar 16,2020 08:49:25 UTC – Details)

✔ Settings: Product Name: FlyNova Inductive Plane Colors: blue, black, red Product size: 8 * 4cm Dimensions of the box: about 11 * 10 * 5.5cm / 4.33 * 4.01 * 2.17in Product weight: about 0.15 kg / box Product battery: 250mA lithium battery Charge method: USB Charging time: about 15 minutes Product Features: flight gesture detection The package includes: 1x Intelligent Induction Aircraft 1x USB charging cable 1x User’s Manual ✔ Special Note: Please make sure the flying plane is fully charged before first use and stop playing when the battery is low. Also, make sure the flying toy is in the off state during charging.【Amazing Toys】This Hand Operated Drones is a mind-blowing flying spinner toy with an ingenious hidden drive mechanism that can perform incredible aerobatic tricks and stunts. It’s simple to master in just a few minutes and a total blast to play alone or with friends. This flying fairy toy can fly anywhere, makes a great gift for kids/adult, and is the absolute cure for boredom!
【Team Fun】 FlyNova Flying UFO toy is even more fun with friends. Team up, create games and enjoy friendly competition. It’s the perfect way to relax, have fun or encourage teamwork at the office. Take a break, spark your creativity and refresh with FlyNova boomerang spinner.It is a Relax / Decompression Toy.
【Easy】The mini Helicopter it is easy to get started. Flying fidget spinner looks like magic but all you need to do is to spin it up and give it a toss! Turn on the power button, hold the center axis and spin the wheel to start. A miniature internal motor gives it the power to perform wild tricks. Different throwing speeds and angles allow different flight paths, tricks, and high-speed maneuvers. With just a few throws, you will quickly begin to understand the infinite possibilities for flight…
【Decompression Toy】 You don’t need a big area or a lot of space to take off with FlyNova ball toy. It is fun and easy to control anywhere. It is designed to work indoors as well as outdoors with a smooth flight pattern and boomerang effect.Use it at home, school or the office. It’s fun to fly and also a great way to relax and take release some stress. When those long days get you down or you think that one more office meeting will drive you crazy, take FlyNova for a spin and get your Zen on!
【Safety】 We designed FlyNova spc flying plan toy the small orb Flying ball Drone to be fun and safe, especially for kids. The enclosed wheel design is aerodynamic and protects your hands while spinning it up and performing tricks. Catching it mid-air or on the go is easy and 100% safe.

Price: $24.99

(as of Mar 16,2020 08:49:25 UTC – Details)

FlyNova Flying Spinner