Greatstar Mini Drone Flying Toy, Quadcopters Flying Ball, Magic Hand-Controlled Flying Ball Interactive Infrared Induction Helicopter Ball with 360°Rotating and Shinning LED Lights (Blue)

Price: $25.99

(as of Mar 16,2020 08:05:30 UTC – Details)

How does the drone fly?
1. Press the power button to turn it on. Low-speed mode:
Press once to display the green light. High speed: After
pressing twice, the blue light is displayed.
2. Throw or abandon the mini-drone in the air and fly on its
own. When it is turned off, the drone is controlled with
gestures, and it will fly in the opposite direction.
3. In order to increase the height of the drone, please put your
hand under the drone when approaching, it will feel your
request and rise with the flight!
4. If you don’t interact with the flying drone, it won’t fly out of
your sight because it will automatically land when the battery
is low. The perfect child drone is indoors and outdoors.
5. The inverted toy stops upside down and presses the button
for 3 seconds to turn off the power button.

Color: Blue, Red, Gold
Drone size: 4.8 x 4.8 x 2.8 inches
Drone weight: 30g
Flight Time: Approx. 7-8 minutes

Applicable to: 3-10 years old
Battery: Rechargeable 3.7V lithium battery? , 600mAh.
Charging time: about 30 minutes, the red light will automatically turn on after charging is completed.

The scope of application: boys gifts, girls gifts, children’s birthday gifts, children’s day gifts, Christmas gifts, Team game.

Package Included:
1 x mini drone
1 x USB charger
1 x user manual
1 x Screwdriver

Special Note:
Please keep our flying toy is fully charged before first-time use
and stop playing when it is in low battery.
Make sure the flying aircraft is at shutdown status while
Keep away from faces and eyes. Do not launch at people or
When the LED lights at the bottom appear slow flashing or the
aircraft is unable to take off, please recharge the battery.【Magic Hand-Controlled Flying Ball With No Remote】Greatstar flying ball use advanced LED infrared sensor hover technology, inductive suspension, and collision protection. The built-in gyroscope can control accuracy and sensitivity to make a balance. You just need to gently throw the ball in the air, then it can start to fly immediately
【Easy to Control】The most amazing feature of flying toy is that the ball can fly in the opposite direction when your hands are close to it. You can use your hands to control it in the air for interactive play, super cool and super fun to use
【Speed Adjustment & LED Light Indicator】The Flying Ball Drone has two kind of speed.Green Light for LOW speed and Blue light for Fast speed, You can switch a proper flying speed according spaces we play in. If the light is all red its an indicator that you need to charge it. LED flying toy can light itself up when in dark,Easy for boy girl kids to chase, Find and grab it.
【Hovering And 360°Rotaing】 Greatstar flying ball have four power motor fast rotation to provide power to make itself 360°Rotating flying. There is always a high hover during the flight when flying to a certain level, grab the ball to flip then it will stop flying
【Strong Aircraft Body】Greatstar flying balls are made of high-quality non-toxic PP material that is very flexible and have strong collision resistance, It is very sturdy and will resist damage when it falls. And the ball will move away intelligently when it detects a solid object

Price: $25.99

(as of Mar 16,2020 08:05:30 UTC – Details)

Hand Controlled Flying Ball with LED Light