Guardian by Altitude Angel

Guardian is a companion application for Altitude Angel users offering quick and easy access to essential drone safety data while on the move.

Using your location, Guardian supplements your normal due-diligence activities by displaying no-fly zones and ground hazards for a growing number of countries around the world, completely free of charge.

Whether you fly for fun, or professionally, Altitude Angel’s high-fidelity, accurate and authoritative data aims to help you plan your drone operations so that they can be conducted with greater respect for safety and privacy, while at the same time, reducing the time it takes.

Please note that Altitude Angel provides our data and this application as a supplement to all your normal pre-flight and in-flight due-diligence and safety checks, not as a replacement for them. At all times it is your responsibility to maintain the safe (and compliant) operation of your drone.

By Altitude Angel Ltd

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