Hydra FPV

Hydra FPV gives you full access to your local live drone racing events.
– Learn about the Pilots
– See race and race results, FPV DVR and more
– Live stream Drone Races directly in the app while chatting with other Fans
– Pick who you think will win each Heat to climb the Fan leaderboard

Participating in a Drone Race that is using Hydra?
– Get push notifications when it’s time to race
– See your assigned frequency or virtual room
– Enable the Timing Coach to get personal audio cues delivered directly to your device while you’re racing
– Manage your Pilot Profile so Fans can find out more about you and find where you hang out online

Other tools:
– Augmented Reality track placement assistant.
– Personal lap timer capturing your quad crossing the finish line at 240 frames per second for millisecond accuracy.
– Frequency charts ’cause who can remember all of the bands and channels and letters and boundaries and bandwidth and ….

* Picking is free. Points and HydraCoins earned from picks have no cash value.

By HydraFPV

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