Travel back to the future. Your ship’s logic matrix is scattered in time. Solve these logic puzzles to go back to the future. The more you solve, the farther you go.

If you like puzzle, strategy, board games, or crosswords, solitaire, sudoku, you will love LogicCity.

Award winning logic puzzles:
– Finalist, BETT Awards, UK
– “Top Pick and Highly Recommended” TeachersWithApps

Play with your minds on. Challenging and fun! Hard to master ! Apply the same skills as in sudoku, board games, card games and strategy games.

Designed by an experienced puzzle maker, Michel Lyons, with several popular and highly rated board puzzle games.

– Easy to Expert level (ages 9 – 99+)
– Wonderful for travel, and those inevitable wait times, or with the morning coffee / tea
– Hints available for hard puzzles or to learn how it works

Comparable challenge to puzzle games in book stores. With the added benefit of being able to carry it with you easily when you are out and about or traveling.

The puzzles are also great for children age 9+ to practice thinking and problem solving skills, attention. Building logical thinking skills is like strength training for the mind, and can help in all STEM fields.

For all puzzle lovers, it’s really fun to play with them. It’s a nice break when you want to put your feet up but keep your mind engaged or do something different from everyday life.

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By Minds On Play LLC

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