RC Drone Pizza Delivery Flight Simulator

Have a chance to deliver the tastiest pizza ever with the help of a really modern technology – a food delivery quadcopter drone! Control this highly developed machine, find your order right in the city, deliver a pizza to your customer and just enjoy RC Drone Pizza Delivery Flight Simulator game!
Technical progress made really major strides, so now you can help people to fulfill their hunger in a matter of hours controlling this fantastic drone machine! Just take the control of super modern food delivery drone quadcopter, fly above the city, find your potential clients and deliver them to your clients right in time! Become a real remote-courier and provide the tastiest pizza ever to the really hungry people!
Do your best to deliver all your tasty pizza to the customers in time, but don’t forget to mind your ambulance drone energy indicator – if it falls, you’d crash immediately and your important mission would be almost failed! Try to avoid critical situations, be attentive and careful flying above the city, watch the mini map intently and just have fun playing RC Drone Pizza Delivery Flight Simulator!
Earn points for successfully delivered hot pizzas and power your flying food delivery drone up making it more maneuverable and speedy! Improve your health and energy levels or unlock new colorful types of this fantastic food delivery quadcopter drones! Enjoy this helping people game for all ages!
RC Drone Pizza Delivery Flight Simulator features:
• Ultimate flying food delivery drone simulator
• Wide range of different orders to deliver
• Interesting types of colorful skins for your drone
• Amazing 3D graphics
Become a pilot of highly developed remote controlled flying food delivery quadcopter! Fly above the city, find the orders and deliver them to the clients! Have fun playing RC Drone Pizza Delivery Flight Simulator!

By Juliia Blokhina

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